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Prof. Dr. Thomas Sauerbier


Universal Micro DataBase System

Version: 3.1 from 5/29/2003

How to get UMDBS?

  • Send an email to Thomas.Sauerbier@muk.thm.de with your name, your (university) institute, and your position.
  • You will receive a user name and a password for downloading the demo version of UMDBS for free. This version has the full functionality but is limited to a maximum of 2,000 micro objects.
  • To get a full licence please describe the concrete project briefly for which you plan to use UMDBS. Then you will get a personal licence file by email for free.

Licensing Conditions

Copyright © 2003 by Prof. Dr. Thomas Sauerbier.
All rights reserved.

  • The demo version of UMDBS is free for academic use. Users are asked to register (all users of one university institute only once).
  • The full version of UMDBS needs a personal licence file that allows legal use only for the registered person or institute.
  • If publications are based on results of UMDBS it should be mentioned. To send a copy of that publications would be nice.
  • Any commercial use is not allowed without a special licence agreement.

Files for download

Type Files Version Download File Date
(German and
password required
umdbs.exe and readme.txt 3.1 umdbs.zip 05/29/2003
DLLs   umdbs_s1.zip
(German only)
free download
UMDBS-Handbuch (PDF)
MISTRAL-Handbuch (PDF)
3.0 doku.zip 09/03/2001
Tutorial (HLP) incl. files 3.0 tutorial.zip 09/04/2001

Additional Documentation


  • Copy files to an empty directory and unzip them.
  • You can start UMDBS directly by double click to 'umdbs.exe'.
  • Optionally you can add a link to UMDBS on desktop or in start menu.
  • Installation does not modify the Windows Registry or any other configuration file!